We are a small preservation breeder located northeast of Atlanta, Georgia .  Golden Retrievers are a way of life in our home and we are active in AKC Agility, Obedience, Rally.  We strive to preserve the history of the breed by breeding for healthy, sound dogs with the wonderful temperament Goldens are known for.  

Our breeding dogs have OFA hip and elbow clearances, yearly CERF eye exams and cardiac clearances.  Proper structure is key to a dog that can compete in multiple venues!  Temperament , intelligence,  health and longevity as well as dogs that conform to the Golden Retriever standard are the goals for Hart O’Gold!  

 I have been sharing my life with Golden Retrievers since 2002, when my husband introduced me to this wonderful breed (Jim has had Goldens since the early 80’s).  I have been involved with purebred dogs since the 70’s, showing and producing multiple Champions in the terrier world.  Through my life with dogs, I have traveled the US and made many lifelong friends, I only hope I give my dogs, as much as they’ve given me!

I am active in the Atlanta Golden Retriever Club, have been the club Secretary, President for four years and am currently club Treasurer, Show Chair and active on the Agility Committee.  I am also a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America. 

Breeze in enrolled in the Morris Foundation Lifetime Study.  This is our commitment to help find a cure for cancer in goldens.  She is one of 3,000 Hero dogs who participate in this study.

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